Remote / Online Training

Do you wish you could practice your own individual fitness routine wherever and whenever, no gym and no trainer needed?
Then this online training is a great solution for you.

Modern society is full of stresses, to do’s and deadlines – all day and every day. While everyone knows how important physical fitness is, for most it is unbelievably hard to carve out time for a regular exercise routine to maintain a healthy and functional body. Furthermore, exposing yourself to stresses of any kind (physical, mental or emotional) is the only way to grow = stress is your key to growth, but only when followed by appropriate periods of recovery.

Some of us might get away with some years of hard working and a passive / sedentary lifestyle in terms of physical fitness, but the one thing that is sure to be set up to happen then: sooner or later you mental capacity will be breaking down following your deteriorating physical state. Mind and body are strongly connected and believe it or not, no matter how good you might be doing at your career now, with the right balance of physical fitness / activity in your live you could be doing even better! And this is why I am offering you the chance to work on the physical side of your health on your own terms, your location, your time zone and your setting – to perfectly fit your schedule!

Participating in my online workout program will be an invaluable mix of professional guidance from my side in combination with self learning and an increased level of self awareness on your side.

My philosophy is based around using your own body as the greatest tool for most of your workouts, therefore there will be no to very little equipment needed. If you allow me to be on this journey with you to the best version of yourself I have no doubt that with the right engagement your overall well being and state of fitness will show significant improvements. If you are up for taking on this journey – then you will soon realize that there are very few limits and there is nothing stopping you.

1) Intake and assessment:

The first part of your journey! Here we will make sure to get good data to evaluate your status quo and taking any guessing out of the equation. This step is about understanding your true intentions, your motivation, fitness- and medical history, physical abilities and dysfuctions to create the best possible program for your individual needs for a successful journey.

2) Report and evaluation of Intake:

I like to see this as the empowering and educational portion of your journey. Here we will communicate to you where we think you can make the biggest progress and make sure you understand where we see the biggest physically limiting factors that might hold you back from achieving your goals.

3) Choosing of the perfect individual program design:

Here you will see your own individual workout program, or call it “plan of attack”. Your workouts are based on the findings of your intake to give you the biggest benefit. Now it is on you to implement and kickstart your journey. Based on your preferences your program can be designed to be used with or withouz equipment. Your plan of attack will cover these three different areas: physical excercising, recovery and relaxation. All of this will be at your fingertips through our online platform which we use to administer your efforts and progress.

4) “Go time” and exchange progress:

Now it is time to go after it and be fully present in the process while you give it your best effort. We are working with a unique online coaching platform, Edufii! This simply means communication with us will allways be super easy via the Edufii app on your telephone – with which we maximize the client <-> coach interactivity. Through this platform we will be able to exchange photos, videos, texts or files with you, allowing us to react quickly to anything you experience along your journey. We picked this platform because it is super easy to use and available for free across all operating systems.

5) Re-assessment:

Now that you have been on your journey for some time there will be a point where we will re-assess how your training is progressing. The re-assessment will take place in a face to face environment and is intended to evaluate if there should be changes made to your exisiting routines in order to get you moving closer towards your goals.

6) Goal setting and reacting to the progress:

Are your short term goals progressing to be the stepping stones towards your ultimate long term goals? This is a crucial part of the program since goals in general only work when they are monitored and reviewed. Only when we monitor the smaller goals we will be able to react quickly and adjust your routines accordingly in order to manage and focus on your desired outcomes.


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