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My life has always been evolving around movement, fun and sports until during my 2nd semester of studying it just so happened that my hobby turned into my job and I spent the better part of a decade on my skateboard traveling the world competing internationaly.

My passion and approach for movement and sports has never stopped to drive me throughout the years. After my active pro sports career I grew via many stepping stones from a fitness trainer on the floor to a shareholding- managing partner of a distribution for fitness equipment and into the role of a master trainer for TRX Training and Animal Flow to a level that I am now teaching these programs all over Europe since 2009.


My Specializations:

Personal Training: 

1 on 1 training is the most individual and effective form of Training that there is. I finished my education as a personal trainer in 2006 with the „Glucker Kolleg“ in Germany and since then had thousands of hours of trainings with clients from all over the world and all kinds of different backgrounds – from top managers to aspiring young pro athletes to houswifes etc…

Being a personal trainer and helping my clients to change their lifestyle / achieve their goals is the best thing I could imagine having as a job after my professional sports career. Changing lifes by doing something good is a dream come true!

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Animal Flow: 

Coming from an athletic background – training in a 3 dimensional and multi planar manner has always been my passion and made me feel good.
Movement is key to a healthy, pain free and long lasting body. Animal Flow combines everything I am personally looking for in a smart workout: strength, coordination & challenges! If you stick to it – the results you get from it are amazing!

I personally am feeling in the best shape of my life since I started to journey of „ground based bodyweight training“. Re-connecting your body through the ground, re-establishing all the connections that each of us made at a young age when we learned to walk own to legs.

Not only do I love this training myself and am a ambassador for Animal Flow, but I also teach Animal Flow Level 1 courses all over Europe to fitness professionals and other movement enthusiasts. See my Animal Flow Master Instructor profile page here.

If you are interested in finding out more about this form of training you can read more about it on the international page of Animal Flow.
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Golf Fitness – TPI Certified:

As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified trainer, working together with several TPI golf teaching professionals in the greater Amsterdam area, our goal is to make your golf game more efficient according to your physical abilities and swing characteristics.

After a first intake and screening we will report the findings back to you and then, together with the golf teaching professional, set up a series of exercises based on your swing characteristics and movement assassement to maximize efficiency during the kinematic sequence of your golf swing.

This in return will lead to a better functional body, pain reduction, general improvement of self awareness and better understanding of your physical abilities.

Being TPI certified means working together with one of the best names in the golf business in regards to a performance based physical support for your golf game with access to years of findings of some of the best golf coaches and golf fitness trainers in the world, working with the best golfers in the world.

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What else?
Kettlebell Training Certified
TRX Master Trainer since 2010
Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Certified
TriggerPoint Therapy Certified
And a bunch of other certifications that I have collected, earned and achieved throughout the years. But much more important than the list of certifications that I could show are in my eyes the references from happy Personal Training Clients and satisfied participants from some of the courses I have been teaching over the years.

Personal Training references:
“I met Sascha in April 2015. Curious and with an open mind I entered his new gym in Amsterdam with the challenge to get my injured body in shape again.
When I started training with him I was startled by my weak condition.
By his very empathic and natural approach he managed to put me in the right direction every lesson.
I am convinced that if he can get someone as headstrong as me to a better lifestyle with having fun he is a rich added value for me and the neighborhood.”
– X. Bueno de Mesquita, (PT Client at my gym MT Fitness in Amsterdam 2015)

“I started 3 months ago with a Small Group Training 2 x a week. I lost almost 10 kilos, feel healthy and energized again. Due to Sascha’s great support I am still motivated and have signed in for another 3 months.”
– P. v. Tulder, (PT Client at my gym MT Fitness in Amsterdam 2016)

„MT Fitness is by far the best gym I’ve ever worked out in. Sascha and his team are truly dedicated in making sure you maintain and complete your goals.
I would never have reached the results I have (is that my very own six pack? Oh, thanks for asking, yes it is J) without them. But working out with MT goes beyond the mere visual; they made working out an integral part of my life. Adding value to other aspects of it; energy levels, overall health and confidence, to name just  a few.“
– M. Woestenburg, (PT Client at my gym MT Fitness in Amsterdam 2017)

 Professional education references:
Animal Flow Level 1 Workshop – „Last Summer I took the Animal Flow Level 1 Workshop, under the instructions of Sascha Müller, in Brussels, Belgium. It was a good atmosphere and Sascha did a good job explaining all the basics of Animal Flow so that everyone could start practicing on their own after the weekend. After finsihing the Level 1 I am now curious to follow the Level 2 course. After participating in the official Workshop you get access to a closed Community on Facebook which is a great source of inspiration and chance to help each other. I recommend taking this course.“
– N. Snijkers

Animal Flow Level 1 Workshop – „I’ve had a great time that weekend! Sascha’s way of teaching was very relaxed and clear. He has been able to create an optimal atmosphere for learning the moves.“
– D. Dellebeke

Animal Flow Level 1 Workshop – „Am 26.11. und 27.11.16 fand die Level 1 Ausbildung in Hamburg statt. Wir waren eine Gruppe von Frauen und Männern im Alter zw. 19 und und 52 Jahren. Sascha, (Müller) hat sich perfekt auf uns eingestellt und blieb stets geduldig. Dafür ein großes Dankeschön. Der Lehrstoff wurde 1a vermittelt. Die praktische Umsetzung war rundum gelungen, sodass alle zum Ende hin den ersten Flow durchführen konnten.
Wiederholen möchte ich unbedingt, dass Sascha über viel Empathie verfügt und er sich somit bei Fragen jederzeit in die Lage des Schülers versetzten konnte.
Vielen Dank dafür, eine absolut empfehlenswerte Ausbildung.“
– J. Hackenberg

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