Random Burst of Creativity

Pretty much on the day 1 month ago I decided to try a little social media hiatus – triggered by my good friend Mike Fitch who is doing the same thing currently. What kind of shocked my was how much of a permanent temptation there was to constantly check the social media feeds for likes, comments, new followers, and then the whole rest of „the feed“ that FB and IG feeds me as the user as to what they think is interesting for me – truly shocking how many times I just took my phone in my hand to check for updates and then remembered to have a break! The longer the break from social media the better it felt to not waste so much time looking at random stuff.

However, since social media is partly how I do get business I can’t completely ignore this virtual world, but… I will certainly keep in mind how much I liked these last few weeks that I spent with almost zero time wasted on the feeds!

And since this is a pretty random post, here is a pretty random video I put together over the last few days from a little trip we took to Greek last week. Sports, Music, Nature, Silence, Hand balancing, Nice Scenery… check it out if you like, and let me know if you like it, here is my „random burst of creativity“:

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