Is your sh*t broken?

Just a straight forward quote that in my eyes asks and tells so much in so little words. And because I ever since (except some 6 months-trial-let-me-see-how-corporate-world-looks-like) had my own business(es) and was doing my own „shit“ – this quote of course resonates very well with me.
But not only that, I believe that next to contributing your part to society, everyone should ask oneself the question on how balanced out those daily 24 hours, those weeks, those months and years of yours actually are. As an answer to myself it’s crystal clear to me that the majority of time can not be spent just working and grinding with the purpose to keep „the machinery“ going and to accumulate more physical possessions.
I am in a lucky position of being my own boss – which allows me to pretty much choose when to work and when to rest. And even though I am my own boss – my „shit was broken“ for quiet some time, and I am still digging and adjusting things to get things right again. As an entrepreneur with enough drive it is just too easy to spread yourself thin and loose focus by going at too many things at the same time, which is what happened to me over a period of some years… and it felt great in the beginning to be able to push so many things at the same time forward. But then, all I did was I was just looking forward to some rest time / weekends / time away from work … So I had a hard look and thought to myself, damn „my shit is broken!“
So, right now, work in progress, change in progress, I am a process and progress … leveling out again to good levels! Sooo looking forward to the changes I am working on!

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