…the trait of the ambitious

„Routines are a trait of the ambitious“

For some of those that know me, this quote coming from an unknown source and used here by me (after hearing it the other day on a Tim Ferris podcast), might come as a surprise.

More often then not I usually embrace going with the flow, taking life as it comes, making the best of things – and often enough that includes an amount of flexibility and „freestyle planning“ which can be scary, confusing, uncomfortable to some folks around me.
As much as I like this „go with the flow“ attitude, this is only because I know I got my inner goings under control – at least thats what I think most of times. Dealing with the madness of this world and taking things I can´t control as they are to make the best out of them on every each day for me only works because there are certain routines paired with the right mindset that give me the peace of mind. For those really interested, I did post a blog on www.actionville.de/blog a while ago about my daily routines and what they do for me, see the post here – including some of the best books I read about figuring out which routines work for me (google translate might be your best friend here).

It has been a while now that I have figured out which routines are the ones that work for me and it is usually that I have my best days – on productivity level, physical feeling, mental state, relationship wise and energy in total – when I keep up my routines, or at least a part of them. Even though almost all of the things I need to get done on a day to day base, even long term goals, don’t have any obvious direct connection to what I am doing in my routines, I do feel that when I am good with my routines that I can get pretty much everything done.
And when I heard this quote (and then the rest) on this podcast of Tim Ferris this just re-confirmed the feeling my routines create for me, and the results I get from my life in return.

Do you have ambitions to achieve goals of some sort? Then – apart from figuring out your action plan to get to your destination – get your routines going. Having (the right) routines going will be a strong asset for you along the journey to get where you want to be!

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