Dreams, Goals, Life

This quote: I did not come up with it, you can find it in this or many altered versions in most „self help“ books / guidelines, and it probably comes across your IG Feed multiple times every week from the next best coach in your friends list.

The reason I am posting this quote is simple: it works for me!
In fact it works for me so much that I have several diaries from years back in which I can read back which kind of goals – at that time objectively judging almost absurd looking goals – I set for myself. And much surprising most of these thoughts / goals, I wrote down at an age at which I had absolutely nothing to do with any structured life approach, these things I wrote down, came true, they became reality.

Currently working towards a major „change of life set up“ (which I will post more about another time) this is as much a reminder to myself to keep this approach going and stay ambitious as much as I hope that others looking for a change to a better can also benefit from this approach.

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