South Africa, Turkey, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany… all over the place

The last few months have been a blast!  Several months since my last post here… crazy how life sometimes fuels you – sometimes consumes you – sometimes punishes – uplifts – tests – rewards you. I got so much going on right now that time literally flies by, and honestly it is a period of my life that I see as a big test more then anything else I have experienced so far! Working heavy towards a big change and some of the things are too big of a development to share here yet, but its a non stop process at the moment and its for a major change – I honestly can not wait to share more here at a later point.

Even though this is by far not enough show what I was up to at least here are some slides about the last few months:

South Africa: getting some sun light during the European winter months has always been super important to me, so this time off to South Africa for a few days and playing golf, having a great time with my buddy Pille and „diving“ with great white sharks.
Berlin: I felt like skating… and so I went to Berlin where my old buddy Jürgen Horrwarth was hosting a vert competition which I joined for the fun of it. Ist was a blast and some skating that felt really good!

Ireland: off time in between busy times, head rest and quality time at a wedding as Irish as it could be.

Portugal Golf: another „movement, head game – competition – passion of mine“ -> playing golf. What better then buzzing off for some days to Portugal and taking my new DJI Mavic out for a first few rides.

Portugal Surf: after golf I stayed another few days to really get some rest, do nothing… silence, enjoy the sea, be alone, surf! Sagres, Pure Surf Camp – thanx for having me!

Belgium: second year in a row teaching at Aspria (high end privat member health club), and again it was an Animal Flow course! I love the place, Aspria is such a cool place and I will be back!

Spain: off time, surfing, quality time, handstands-threesome!

Turkey: teaching my to date biggest Animal Flow Level 1 Workshop in Istanbul, which was all together a total mind blowing experience and nothing like what I expected. I can’t wait to be back in September, if the politicians don’t mess things up! 

Spain: never stop learning … a concept and mindset that has been with me for a long time and I am not even sure when exactly this manifested, but anyways – this was a Animal Flow mentorship, meaning 3 days of non stop moving and learning new content and more details with some of my favorite people in the fitness world. Thankful for having a great mentor and good friend in Mike Fitch and being on board as an Animal Flow Master Instructor.


XPZ – Kettlebell Workshop in Münster: Aaaaaaand Finally, we did our first own workshop with my other project „XPZ Actionville„. Such a good feeling to have a concept such as this at my fingertips that has derived from years of experience with Kettlebell Training! I can not wait to be doing more workshops and seminars with my buddy Pille and XPZ! Follow us on Instagram – XPZ Mindset – IG

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