Workout On Demand

A nice little side project that just recently grew as an offspring of some other work I did for my personal tarining studio MT Fitness in Amsterdam.

Like the name suggests, we are all about personal training, 1 on 1 training. At two evenings during the week we still host some group trainings: TRX & Kettlebell Fusion, and Functional Training Circuit. 

Even though the focus is nit really on these classes, it turns out that we receive a ton of great feedback about these classes, which are never the same, no standard Zumba or Les Mills shit that wr are doing there.

Because the feedback is so great we felt inspired to reach out to a bigger audience with these exact workouts. 

So as of this week we (Lennart & Zosch) will try to record each weeks TRX & Kettlebell class. For those that ate visiting our trainings in Amsterdam, this is a great chance to re-visit these workouts and have them for a later time, and hopefuly there are plenty of other people as enthusiastic about these kind of training programs as we are!

I am looking forward to hear everyones comments and to do more of these!

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