Getting things done

For quiet some time the topic of time management has been very present in my life due to my entepreneurial activities of running 2 companies, giving personal trainings, teaching all over europe, having a little daughter and the urge to experience live.

Often enough over the last few years I had the feeling the day just is’nt long enough to get all the things done that need to be done, to actually be ever done. A situation that doesnt allow for many satisfactory moments as you are always looking at an unfished, uncompleted status quo only to wonder when all this can possibly be done – there is not much positive about this scenario. 

As much as this situation requires optimizing the use of the available time at hand, this is at least as much a mindset issue. 
Its just too often that we are stuck in „rapid fire like email sending habits“ in order to prove and show „productivity“ and an all time availablity just to slowly but surely flatline all energy resources.  
There are some habits I have adapted over time in order to stay on top of things and manage my time efficiently. One of the most important things I have learned: Differenciate urgent from important and make decisions accordingly! 

With a busy schedule and being in contact with so many individuals connecting to my businesse’s activities it is crucial for the overall development and performance that the most important matters are being pushed forward. 
So if you feel like I did, I recommend that you start to identify each day over again what are the corner stones, the most important things, for the day of which you get the most in return from – and then go after these. 

Every day again I am using my little paper note book to write down my most important things and work at them at a designated time of the day. This might work differently for everyone, for you it might be an app that helps the best to stay organized. Keep it manageable, meaning leave yourself time to breathe and only the very most important things belong on that list, maybe 3 to 5 max – thats what I do.
Following this process and making it a habit has turned around the endings of each of my days from feeling overwhelmed to feeling satisfied. Certainly a big change I do not want to miss anymore!

A really great read I just recently finished about this, next to many other topics on how to structure yourself, is „Do Less, get More“, by Shaa Wasmund.

Sometimes it really is the most simple things that give you the greatest benefit and change when done consistently, its just too easy to forget about these simple things and too often our status quo is pulling on us like a magnet.

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