Rat Race vs Chill Time



Just like anything too much of one thing is never good. Let it be stress, which could be the positive kind of stress (eustress) or the negative kind of stress (distress), let it be sun light which is vital for almost all life forms but is also dangerous at high amounts, or let it be your nutrition that will also at some point let your body shut down certain functions when it has to keep up with too much garbage over an extended period of time (i.e. insuline resitance, lactose intolerance, depression, stroke, heart attack, etc)… and the list goes on -> all and everything has to be in balance in live!

Thats why I implement „forced breakes“ to make sure I am not just „running“ the whole time but also recharge and can handle more and be more productive!

Obviously a huge topic and one with thousands of books written about it! However the struggle always remains the same = put into action what you have learned!

So here I lay on my back with my eyes wandering throughout the endless tones of blue that this beautiful late summer in Amsterdam provides!

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