TPI Certification

These last 2 days I was able to attend the official Titleist Performance Institute Certification here Amsterdam. Out of my own interested for the game of golf and my involvement in the world of fitness I have been wanting to do this certification for a long time – but somehow never ended up setting my priorities straight to actually do it! 

As a „fitness professional“ I concider it as one of the most imortant things to take care of my own ongoing education and to not stop learning (this also transfers as a believe to the rest of my life, never stop learning / growing). 

The last 2 days were a great learning experience for the screening and application of movement and golf specific exercises to improve a golfers efficiency for a pain free game and better allround performance on the golf course – next to meeting about 60 other like minded professionals from the fields of Golf, physio, osteopath, medical and more. Lance McGill, the presenter for the 2 days managed keeping it interesting without loosing our attention, big thank you for that! 

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