This Drives Me – Blog – 1st Entry

I super excited to start this chapter, this new website! For much too long I had the feeling I am doing all these different projects which to some extend I would like to share with the rest of the world. Some of them are super exciting for just me, others are cooperations, others are plain business ideas, etc… Some of these projects might suit my own Facebook page, others are just visual and might be the right thing for my own Instagram, but there is also my other project’s (Actionville) websiteFacebook page and Instagram, then other contents are just a short burst of info I have the urge to share. Not even mentioning my local business in Amsterdam – MT Fitness (it’s social media FB, TwitterGoogle+, Youtube and Instagram pages), and running Transatlantic Fitness v.o.f.!

The result of all these different activities is that often a lot of my work is all over the place instead of one place.
So this is where this blog comes in, neatly organized experiences to share in these categories:
1) Movement – Training – Fitness – Lifestyle – Health
2) Learning – Teaching – Growing
3) Live Experience
4) Music & Musician – Photos – Creativity – Geek
5) Sports – Fun – Silliness – Randoms
6) Businesses
All collected in one place, this website!

Sascha XPZ Mindset 20/08/2016


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